We routinely do at least 10 Bronchoscopy procedures each day in our suite. It is a very safe procedure with relatively very few complications. Age 14 and above can be done here in the suite. If the patient is a child who can’t understand the nature of the procedure it will be done under anaesthesia in Theatre. It is a day-care procedure under conscious sedation. We offer the following services:

  • Broncho Alveolar Lavage – BAL
  • Trans Bronchial Lung Biopsy – TBLB
  • Bronchial Biopsy – BB
  • Trans Bronchial Node Aspiration – TBNA
  • Endo Bronchial Ultrasound – Aspiration and Biopsy (EBUS)
  • Debulking of tracheal tumours
  • Tracheal and Endobronchial Stenting
  • Stent repositioning and Replacement
  • Foreign body removal (In theatre for babies and children)