Allergocon 2024 Workshop
January 11, 2024

Workshop Topics

  1. Setting up an aerobiology station for your allergy practice
  2. Introduction to statistics for the practicing allergist
  3. Practical approach to screening for primary immunodeficiency
  4. Evaluating perioperative anaphylaxis            
  5. Obstructive sleep apnea in children
  6. Introduction to FENO
  7. Allergen immunotherapy: examining the evidence.
  8. Oral immunotherapy: my patient experience 

Hands on Stations

  1. Spirometry demonstration
  2. Anaphylaxis simulation
  3. Impulse Oscillometry demonstration
  4. Skin testing demonstration
  5. Patch testing demonstration
  6. Rhinoscopy demonstration
  7. Inhaler devices


Allergocon 2024 Conference – Day 1
January 12, 2024 

Burden of allergic disorders in India                                        

  1. Current state of allergic rhinitis.            
  2. Factors contributing towards poor asthma control.            


  1. Molecular allergy diagnostics and its relevance in clinical practice.        
  2. What’s new in spirometry: ERS/ATS technical update.                        


  1. What’s new in GINA 2023?                                                                                 
  2. Impulse Oscillometry – current and future applications.
  3. Use of biologics for severe asthma.            

Upper respiratory disorders                                                           

  1. Clinical aerobiology in India.            
  2. Novel strategies on selecting patients for SLIT.            
  3. Role of an ENT surgeon in the management of chronic sinusitis.

 Air pollution

  1. Air pollution in India and its impact on health.            

 January 13, 2024

Drug and food allergy         

  1. Diagnostic approach to drug hypersensitivity . 
  2. Management of complex food allergies.                                    
  3. Oral immunotherapy: the younger, the better?                        

Adult track                                                                           

  1. Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis in India.            
  2. Anaphylaxis and mast cell disorders.                                                            
  3. Everything you should have read last year but didn’t! (Year-end review)            
  4. Difficult adult cases: ask the experts.

Pediatric track                                                                                 

  1. Updates in pediatric asthma            
  2. Updates in pediatric atopic dermatitis                                                
  3. Everything you should have read last year but didn’t! (Year-end review)            
  4. Difficult pediatric cases: ask the experts.

Pro/con debate
Allergen immunotherapy is safe and effective in India.