JANUARY 9, 2020
S.No Hours
1 9h00 Welcome & Introduction Dr. DJ Christopher
Session 1: Immunology Chairperson: Dr. SaibalMoitra
2 9h15 Overview of human immune system Dr. M. Thirumala Krishna
3 9h45 Primary immunodeficiency: diagnosis and management Dr. Anthony Terance Benjamin
Session 2: Shelden Spector Oration Chairperson: Dr. PK Vedanthan
4 10h15 Spirometry screening for airways disease of rural patients in India Dr. DJ Christopher
5 10h45 Refreshment break
Session 3: Asthma: diagnosis Chairperson: Dr. Molly Joseph
6 11h00 Biomarkers in allergy and asthma Dr. Rohit Katial
7 11h30 Role of FENO measurement in asthma Dr. Vinay Mehta
8 12h00 Asthma-COPD overlap Dr. Richa Gupta
9 12h30 - 13h30 Lunch & viewing of posters
Session 4: Other respiratory diseases Chairperson: Dr. Gayatri S Pandit
10 13h30 Climate, weather and allergy Dr. PK Vedanthan
11 14h00 Silk allergen and occupational asthma Dr. Giriyanna Gowda
12 14h30 Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis Dr. Zubair Khan
13 15h00 Refreshment break
Session 5: Oral abstract presentations Chairperson: Vinay Mehta, Rohit Katial
14 15h15 Investigation of food allergy in India Dr. SaibalMoitra
15 15h30 Association between neighborhood environment and asthma quality of life Dr. Aratrika Das
16 15h45 Assessment of airway reversibility in children using Forced Oscillation Technique Dr. Neeraj Gupta
17 16h00 Profile of allergen sensitivity in patients with naso-bronchial allergy in coastal Karnataka Dr. S.Hussaine
18 16h15 Interprofessional collaboration to manage allergic disorders in rural Himachal Pradesh Dr. M. Nanda
19 16h30 Clinical course of bronchial asthma during pregnancy Dr. Venkateswaran M
20 16h45 Meeting of AANI governing body & Patrons
21 18h00 DAA graduation ceremony and Allergocon opening ceremony
JANUARY 10, 2020
22 9h00 Welcome & Introduction Dr. Vinay Mehta
Session 6: AIT, Drug and Food allergy Chairperson: Dr.Roohi Rasool
23 9h15 Drug allergy: diagnosis and management Dr. M. Thirumala Krishna
24 9h45 Update on food allergies Dr. Soh Jian Yi
25 10h15 Allergen-specific immunotherapy Dr. PK Vedanthan
26 10h45 Refreshment break
Session 7: Miscellaneous Chairperson: Dr. Neeraj Gupta
27 11h00 Impact of obesity and stress on immune dysregulation Dr. Sitesh Roy
28 11h30 Update on eosinophilic esophagitis Dr. Vinay Mehta
29 12h00 Primary prevention of allergic disease Dr. Soh Jian Yi
30 12h30 - 13h30 Lunch & viewing of posters
Session 8: Asthma: management Chairperson: Dr. Aratrika Das
31 13h30 Updates from GINA 2019 Dr. PA Mahesh
32 14h00 Treatment of severe asthma: the role of biologic therapies Dr. Rohit Katial
33 14h30 Bronchial thermoplasty Dr. Ravi Mehta
34 15h00 Refreshment break & viewing of posters
Session 9: Miscellaneous II Chairperson: Dr. Zubair Khan
35 15h15 Introduction to aerobiology Dr. Jacob Abraham
36 15h50 Anaphylaxis Dr. M. Thirumala Krishna
37 16h20 Laboratory immunology Dr. Rohit Katial
38 16h50 Closing Ceremony & Awards ceremony (Oral & Poster)
JANUARY 11, 2020
39 8h55 Welcome & Introduction Dr. Jebin Roger
Hot topics in allergy and immunology
40 9h00 Observational studies in allergic Disorders-The process, interpretation & implications Dr. Barney Isaac
41 9h20 Practical approach to screening for primary immunodeficiency Dr. SaibalMoitra
42 9h40 Introduction to drug challenges Dr. M. Thirumala Krishna
43 10h00 Introduction to oral immunotherapy for food allergies (part 1) Dr. Soh Jian Yi
44 10h20 Refreshment break
45 10h40 Introduction to oral immunotherapy for food allergies (part 2) Dr. Soh Jian Yi
46 11h00 Immunotherapy prescription writing Dr. PK Vendanthan
47 11h20 Setting up a pollen counter in your practice Dr. Jacob Abraham
48 11h40 Setting up an allergy practice Dr. PA Mahesh
49 12h00 - 13h00 Lunch
Hands-on demonstration of office procedures
50 13h00 - 16h00
Station 1     Spirometry demonstration Dr. Avinash Nair & Dr. Deva
Station 2     FENO demonstration Dr. Vinay Mehta
Station 3     Impulse oscillometry demonstration Dr. Neeraj Gupta
Station 4     Skin testing Dr. PK Vendanthan & Dr. Zubair Khan
Station 5     Patch testing Dr. Lydia Mathew and colleagues
Station 6     Inhaler devices Sister Arunaand colleagues
51 16h00 Q&A and Wrap-up All faculty